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Dev Blog Fighting the undead - Now with friends! (build 393)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MM, May 14, 2012.

  1. MM

    MM KAG Team KAG Team

    It’s a bad day to be a zombie…
    Fortunately, most of our players aren’t zombies, so they won’t mind. ;)
    This means you can defend your fort with your friends without tampering with the server software too much, without repeated server crashes and with a nice new bot control interface.​
    Basically, use the R key to tell bots what to do. We think you’ll like the change, we’re leaning more towards this kind of interface than the pie menus in future. If we can find things to convert, we likely will. It feels much better interacting directly with the game objects.
    A giant swathe of fixes is included, to AI (migrants now 40% less useless - can go through bridges!), to gameplay (reduced fall damage stupidness, reduced building weirdness, a bunch of misc exploits removed, particles getting eaten by bridges fixed, combat “lag” reduced…) and many general bugfixes (slow closing fixed, many server crashes fixed) - see the changelog for more!
    You can also wear a kettle on your head, among other new heads. Hopefully this will help increase the diversity of premium folk’s appearance - We’re working on a skin colour option as well, just requires re-touching all of the actor sprites so I’ve been putting it off…
    Big thanks to the testers for starting to get into the swing of things with testing, a lot of these issues would still be undiscovered and the mechanics unrefined without them!
    Full Changelog:
    “zf” = zombie fortress
    - u_shownames now uses new player name style instead of big stupid one
    - spectators with u_shownames see all player names
    - spectators now see unit counters
    - Fixed single character player names no longer crash the server (and are therefore allowed) (#327)
    - Fixed full name not showing on linux/mac when someone changes teams (#151)
    - Fixed username is not cased correctly after successful authentication. (#237)
    - dropped the materials counter delay
    - the blinks still take a while to go away but the counter is always up to date
    - Fixed broken Connect To…. (#148 and #1)
    - Fixed Looks like red builder is going to build blue tiles (#254)
    - Fixed breaking a shop that is on background tile doesn’t give mats (#253)
    - Fixed setting high duration results in ban for 0 seconds (#266)
    - large bans (longer than 2 years) and bans with -1 time now result in permbans.
    - Added expiry time to listbans
    - Made bans case-insensitive
    - changed/improved/added server side logging of game/player events​
    - Fixed - Archers deal massive damage to team catapults (#271)
    - really fixed trap door+back wall = free money (removed hack) (#198)
    - Fixed lost stone on removing trapbridge on background (#258)
    - Fixed GOALTICKS independent ticktime mod operation in director.cpp
    - Fixed Knights attack catapults when they use it (#81)
    - Fixed various potential server crashes while fixing (#327)
    - Various tweaks that may fix small bugs/instability - fixed
    - KAG crash when closing KAG with server browser open (#333)
    - addressed chat box/minibox background hardcoded, now takes center pixel colour. (#157)
    - Fixed the listPlayers() script
    - fixed abusable bug where spectators can block map start (#305)
    - fixed more meaningful autoupdate failure messages for libcurl (#306)
    - fixed the launcher menu text for the various sites sucked and fixed some of the URLs
    - fixed can repair trap bridges with backwall (#205)
    - fixed can repair other team’s door to be your own (only works blue->red) (#76)
    - fixed about 3 related bugs/exploits
    - fixed can’t slash shielded target sometimes (#276)
    - fixed jumping on someone and slashing hurts you (#309)
    - stomping does less damage to the stomper
    - Fixed quarters don’t heal when there’s less than 0.5 hearts to heal (#353)
    - fixed door breaking/fixing (#204)
    - updates to how paper rendering works
    - Fixed catapults dont hurt backwall enough, though haven’t done bridges etc yet (likely related to arrows) (#331)
    - Lowered chat spam timer and inserted anti-spam message if you exceed it rather than failing silently
    - Added sandbox room and tweaked sandbox to include it
    - sandbox now has free items and shops.
    - fixed server segfault due to API error conditions
    - fixed quarters light not acting like a light
    - fixed chests giving light by default
    - bomb in zf costs 10 coins (was 20)
    - more probability of zombie having coin
    - disconnect issue should be fixed, please playtest for a while and see
    - fixed client-side light in blob
    - added constructor to APIPlayer, too much non-initialized vars bugs
    - fixed free full version access
    - bots attack dead zombies
    - removed buildnum from launcher caption to avoid confusion
    - collapse anti-grief doesn’t work for outposts
    - fixed charged arrows dealing no damage when shot through bridge (#321)
    - fixed knights don’t stop when ordered to go to zombies
    - destroying castle blocks in zf doesn’t remove coins
    - bots try to jump over kegs
    - fixed bots not following orders when faced with zombies
    - fixed throwing kegs into walls
    - removed “buying” zombies from Portal
  2. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator
    1. Action | Bomb Ball League

    Rev up those servers!
    Gofio, Miauw62, Stevedog and 7 others like this.
  3. Raron

    Raron KAG Guard

    First post. Curse you Luigi!

    They seem to have found my hat storage.Meh ill just force Geti to make me more :P
    I hope this one is bug free as testing was :B):
    Gofio and Drafiks like this.
  4. PumpkingSlice

    PumpkingSlice Base Burner

    Migrant handling is so dam easy!
    lehoon likes this.
  5. Redigit

    Redigit is not my actual name, it's Tommasop.

    As usual MM does a great job again keep up the good work! :):thumbs_up:
  6. I am very excited about this update.

    Thank-you KAG devs!

    (Edit, I like how 4 people fought for the first post, when in fact MM has the first post, and the best you could hope for is 2nd!) :p
    Ghozt and cmblast like this.
  7. Fuck yea! Now this was the update i was waiting for! :D
    Miauw62 and PumpkingSlice like this.
  8. WarrFork

    WarrFork フォーク Donator

    Oh yeah. :B): All these fix are awesome.
    lehoon and PumpkingSlice like this.
  9. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator
    1. Action | Bomb Ball League

    Peasant, no one counts OP!

    Also I just posted to post, I had no knowledge it would go up and was simply browsing, don't even care if I have first or not. ;)
  10. Raron

    Raron KAG Guard

    Oh question?
    When single player was released i heard prices will rise to 12.50$
    Will you do that now or will you wait for 10,000 premium ;)
    PumpkingSlice and BlueLuigi like this.
  11. Awesome....thanks Devs!
    I really like the new heads :D
  12. sj67

    sj67 Greg hunter

    Better be the same as the test build......


    xChapx likes this.
  13. Hella

    Hella Probably A Bastard Global Moderator

    Someone give these beautiful developers, and their extraordinarily handsome testers, a biscuit each for their troubles.

    Maybe two, if said fellows continue their grand work!
  14. Downburst

    Downburst Mindblown Global Moderator
    1. kag2d.nl servers

    Nice one, now let this flow into the miraculous world of virality.
  15. ilaks

    ilaks Base Burner Donator

    Love the new hats!
    Im not a big fan of migrants so can't say anything about the new party mode though.
    Oh yeah, the rescourse counter is more confusing than ever. Just get rid of the fancy schmancy + X AMOUNT, and get back to the good 'ol one.
    Naime likes this.
  16. WarrFork

    WarrFork フォーク Donator

    What the hell is that bomb so fast ?! Fix that please !
    PumpkingSlice likes this.
  17. how many new hats are there?
  18. YEAH_NAH

    YEAH_NAH Shark Slayer

    I'm sorry, I cant express my happiness with words...
  19. saniblues

    saniblues KAG Guard

    Bombs explode far too quickly for applicable use.
  20. LetsplayCmansez

    LetsplayCmansez Arsonist


    Flying Zknights are ravaging my castles, and fly bombing me! This is crazy!
    And finally a respawn on multiplayer Zombies, MM I LOVE YOU. You deserved my money.


    Ohh, but sadness can be found..bombs are too fast. Bombjump destroyed ;c
    Halosnake and Wonkyth like this.

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