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Read this first! Posting Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions & Common Fixes

Discussion in 'Help' started by Kyzak, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Posting Guidelines:
    NB: If these guidelines are not followed your thread may get moved, locked or deleted. Further action will be taken for repeating offenders.

    #1 - Check to see that your problem belongs in the Help! section:
    • What threads belongin the Help! section?
      • Technical support
      • Website support
      • Gameplay support
      • Account issues (Free & Premium)
    • What threads do not belong in the Help! section?
      • Bugs (Report them here.) [Do not publicly post game-breaking bugs/glitches but instead email them to the devs.]
      • Forum/Wiki support (Post here.)
      • Individual Server Ban appeals (Post here.)
    #2 - Before even thinking about creating a new thread (or posting in a very old one) look to see if there's already an available answer to your question. i.e.:
    CHECK THE FAQ (:down: see below) AND USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION! (:left: click here)
    If your first search doesn't yield any results, try being more general, you may find a thread that has already been made. Here's a tutorial on searching the right way.
    #3 - If (and only if) you have checked the FAQ, searched for preexisting threads containing your problem, and found nothing helpful you should then create a new thread about your problem using the pointers in #D : Creating a new thread.


    What does this FAQ contain?
    Please click on the name of a particular section to navigate to that part of the FAQ.
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  2. Kagesha

    Kagesha KAG Guard

    #A : Account and Premium Issues

    - I was kicked/banned from a specific server for no reason.
    It may not be because you were griefing, but because you have a too high ping. Don't worry though: When you get kicked for "too high ping" you are only banned for 10 minutes. If not appeal in it's respective thread in this section.

    - My account has been banned.
    All master server/account ban appeals are processed in this thread. Alternatively send a mail to "support[at]kag2d.com".

    - I didn't receive the website registration mail or my premium activation key.
    Please send an e-mail to "support[at]kag2d.com" (alternatively "thd.supp[at]gmail.com").

    - How do I redeem my code and upgrade to a premium account?
    Login and redeem the code here: http://kag2d.com/en/profile#gold

    The e-mail you receive should look something like this:

    - King Arthur's Gold on Desura
    If you don't have premium after purchasing via Desura, click on the “Play” tab and right click King Arthur's Gold, hit “View CD key” - copy and paste the code and redeem it here.

    - Where do I report conduct violators/griefers/hackers?
    All griefers/hackers reports go into this part of the forums.

    - Can I change my account name?
    No, it is too much hassle because 3 or 4 different systems share user/authentication information

    - The login button on the website doesn't work.
    You may be using internet explorer or an outdated browser, we recommended you install a browser like Mozilla Firefox.

    For other account/premium related issues – send an e-mail "support[at]kag2d.com" (alternatively "thd.supp[at]gmail.com"). Please be patient when waiting for a response from support, we are human and we need sleep as well.
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  3. #B : Technical Support

    - I don't see any servers/I only see a couple of servers.
    Check if your client is out of date. If it's out of date, uninstall kag, delete the entire folder, and then download a new copy of kag from http://kag2d.com.

    - It looks like I am speedhacking, although I've never used any hacks before.
    This is a hardware issue with "AMD"-processors. A possible fix can be downloaded here.

    - I can't type, my letters are invisible or appear as weird boxes.
    Make sure your keyboard layout is set to English.

    - How do I change the resolution or switch to fullscreen?
    When the launcher window shows up click on "Setup". There you can choose if you want to play fullscreen or windowed and also set your resolution. Alternatively you can change these settings by opening “startup_config.gm” (located in "<KAG Directory>\Base\Scripts") using a text editor.

    - How do I change the location of the chatbox?
    Join a server or start singleplayer, once ingame, press the [HOME] key. This should bring up the console.

    /cc_valign 2
    press [ENTER] key
    press [HOME] key again to remove the console
    Type something to refresh the chatbox.
    Now your chatbox should have moved to the bottom of the screen. Changing it /cc_valign 0 will move it to the default top of the screen.

    Go to your autoconfig.gm and change the global cc_valign to 2.
    See this thread for more information.

    - I'm playing KAG on my Linux system and I hear no sound.
    Install “lib32asound2-dev” (ALSA Developer package) by typing

    sudo apt-get install lib32asound2-dev

    or just install “lib32asound2-dev” directly from the Software Centre.

    Read through this thread for further information.

    - My game says it can't load autoconfig.gm
    Make sure you're not using a clantag with a `(backtick) or a ; (semicolon) in it. Those currently break KAG. Either redownload kag or replace your total autoconfig.gm with a file with just one ; in it. This will reset all settings to default.
    Open autoconfig.gm (located in "<KAG Directory>\Base\Scripts") with a text editor, delete all lines, add ; and then save.

    - How do I get rid of the red and blue box?
    At times the scoreboard seems to get stuck on your screen. If pressing [TAB] a few times doesn't work, press the Left Mouse Button and the Right Mouse Button at the same time and then press [TAB].

    - I'm stuck how do I respawn?
    Press backspace and you can either “Drink Poison” or switch to the same team you were on.

    - I'm suffering from low FPS.
    • Lower the resolution.
    • Change the following lines in the "autoconfig.gm"-file (located in "<KAG Directory>\Base\Scripts"):
      • Turn off minimap: sv_showminimap=0;
      • Set the color quality to 16bit: globalv_bpp=16;
      • Turn off vsync: globalv_vsync=0;
    - I see weird wispy clouds on my screenshots taken with [F4].
    It's a known bug. These “clouds” are accidentally saved in the alpha channel. Just save the screenshots in “jpg” format or open them with any program that doesn't support alpha channel, like Paint.

    - Could not connect to Authentication server, Check your internet connection and try again”.
    Make sure your computer is set to the correct date, see this thread for more information.
    Some people have also reported to have authentication problems when their router's DMZ is configured incorrectly.

    - ALT Tabbing causes my window to glitch.
    Restart the game and press ALT+Tab to go back into the game rather then clicking it. See this thread for more information.
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  4. Kagesha

    Kagesha KAG Guard

    #C : Crashes and Troubleshooting

    - General Troubleshooting
    If your game does not start up at all, maybe trying one of these methods will solve your problem. If not start a new thread.
    • Re-download the installer and re-install the game. You'd be surprised how many times this fixes problems.
    • Make sure all your drivers are up-to-date especially your video card drivers.
    • Disable anti-virus/anti-malware protection software and firewall software (Including Windows firewall). Please note: disable these programs and protection services at your own risk.
    • Disable UAC (Windows Vista/7) Please note: disable this protection service at your own risk.
    • Run as administrator and make sure you have correct user privileges.
    • Disable the overlay feature on certain background programs. (Programs such as Xfire, Mumble, and Ventrillo)
    • If using Windows make sure the game is installed in "C:\KAG\" not something like
    - Specific Crashes and fixes:
    Crashing whenever you join a premium server.
    1. Run zombie fortress. (Solo > Zombie Fortress from the menu)
    2. Once ingame quit the zombie gamemode.
    3. Join a custom gold server with zombie stuff enabled.
    Make sure to include a crash report when possible.

    [See “#D : Creating a new thread” below for information on how to upload a crash report”.]

    #D : Creating a new thread

    If you have already searched the forums and read this FAQ and your problem hasn't been addressed then it's time to start a new thread.

    - Picking the right subforum:
    You will notice that there are 3 subforums:
    Please post in the subforum that best suits your needs.

    - Creating your thread (i.e. explaining your problem):
    When starting a new thread please be as descriptive and informative as possible--the more information you can give us the easier and faster you can get your problem resolved. Specific kinds of extra information you could provide include:
    • System specifications (What operating system are you using? Windows, Linux, Mac) and attaching
    • Console logs--logs are found in “<KAG directory>/Logs/” console logs are named console-date&timehere.txt. (Protip: when posting long log files attach the file to your post or copy and paste the content into pastebin and add the link.)
    • Screenshots and/or videos can really help solve the problem faster. Do not hesitate to post them but please do not embed tons of screenshots. Please use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tags around the images to help preserve our eyes! For in-game screenshots press [F4] (screenshots are saved in “<KAG directory>/Screenshots/”). You can also use the print-screen button.
    • If you are experiencing a crash, make sure you upload a crash report along with the post. Once you see the "Engine has stopped working" window click on "What does this report contain?":
    • crashrepot.PNG
    • Now just click the "Export" button, save the report anywhere and attach it to your post:
    • exportrepot.PNG
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  5. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Administrator
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]


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