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Dev Blog Classic Actually Probably Final Build 569 + Insight

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    O.K. Thats enough. I updated my Client. This is the buggiest version i EVER played. Then, i can´t update my server, because so much genius didn´t notice there is a new version AND i can´t change back to older vcersion because I CAN´t. Please, this is awfull. Could i get a download-link to the last build? That doesn´t make any fun to "play" so.
    Usually i love every upadate and tolerate every bug... but this is ...

    Bugs i noticed:
    - Double slash doesn´t work everytime.(Doesn´t make any damage)
    - You make one slash and a hit (he should have 0.5 lives left) enemy is dead o_O
    - You can pick up exploded bombs.
    - If you throw the bomb in the "right" moment you start glowing.
    - Game crashes, more then i ever had
    - Server can´t get updated
    - more weird physics lags
    - You can let people explode[?!] with your shield...
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  2. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator

    The game seems to have updated on it's own. Haven't tried playing yet.
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  3. I have a copy of the previous build.
  4. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    Could you upload it somewhere so I can download it:) That would be awesome *-*
  5. I would but for saome reason it wont upload to the forums. :(
  6. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    :QQ:...:( couldn´t you upload it somewhere else? But thanks that you tryed to :)
  7. If you sent me your email i could probably email you it.
  8. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    I already did it, but thanks ;)
  9. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia Ballista Bolt Thrower Global Moderator
    1. xCubes - xCUBE

    Pretty much all of these were already in the game with previous builds... I think lag is causing some of your problems.
    But still, this can't be the final build with all these issues left.
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  10. GloriousToast

    GloriousToast Ballista Bolt Thrower Donator
    1. Canadians KAG Players

    damn rite fix those buggys bug out of this bugs final build
    devs just do what you want...
  11. You devs....... are..... amazing :heart:
    (treasure the heart, i don't give many)
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  12. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    As always, hotfixes en route for fall damage, some cases of spike damage, and hopefully the no damage slashes. Also for server owners, a small memory leak in the security code. No rest for the wicked etc; its heading into testing now to verify the fixes.

    Also note this is hardly the final build of KAG, just picketed as the last classic build. No, we're not adding anything more to classic KAG, we're working on the full version with scripting etc. The number of people hoping for more features for free seems to almost outweigh the number of people begging for fixes. Harrumph.
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  13. delankski

    delankski Arsonist

    OH YEAH :D
    I'm sooo damn excited for the new tree sprites ,ropes, fire, boats, catas :D :dance:
  14. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    Hotfix coming as soon as it's built, along with less sticky/slow water.

    • Spike strangeness
    • Fall damage being applied wrong
    • Water Slowness
    • Any attacking through tiles
    • Stomp no longer "sometimes hurts them, sometimes you" + higher stomp min height.
    • Memory leaks
    • Knights can surf
    • Archers can stomp
    Gold servers with water should be ~500% more fun and less full of stalemates, though buildings at the water's edge are still powerful.

    Get onto patching asap, especially those still on 548, we'll be bringing all the servers for 548 down at some point soon.
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  15. Yay for surfing!
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  16. Surfing!!!!??? YEE HAAA!

    Cowa bunda dudes! The rides are narlie!!
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  17. thesnake7422

    thesnake7422 Shark Slayer

    why yous take off archer stomping anyway if yous bring it back?
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  18. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty Hillbilly Forum Moderator

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  19. DSSCRA

    DSSCRA Shopkeep Stealer

    Awww yeaa time for falling arrow archer stomp combos
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  20. pestopancake

    pestopancake Shopkeep Stealer

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