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Dev Blog Classic Actually Probably Final Build 569 + Insight

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    More bug fixing went on these past few weeks, with both good and exhausting results.
    • Support wierdness fixed + vars added
      - support_added_vertical = 1
      - support_cost_ladder = 8
      - support_cost_bridge = 4
      - support_cost_castle = 4
      - support_cost_wood = 3
    • Fixed Beeping in console + potential crashes from that.
    • Fixed bloody spikes are dark
    • Fixed more % related issues
    • Massive optimisations (50+ player servers shouldn't beat up your CPU quite as much)
    • added swap_team_cooldown variable for team switching (to prevent rapid swapping abuse, defaults to 1 min, a value of 1800)
    • reworked autobalance logic a little (now based on time since join)
    • added balance_teams_on_nextmap variable, balances the teams based on score at the end of each match (or should, this one may need more testing/attention)
    • Fixed spikes blend players when moving sideways (slight push backwards added).
    • Fixed shonky raycasts
    • Fixed attacking around corners
    • Fixed attacking upwards/downwards
    Overall, this is largely a bugfix build again to help make sure the intermission before any public release of the scripting build is as enjoyable as possible :)

    As an insight into development, a few words on where we're at:

    We've been working hard on the scripting build of course, but we've decided over the last few months to "do this right" - we could have finished the game in a matter of weeks a while ago by hacking in a ballista, porting the fire stuff to the normal build and adding a fire arrow item, but we decided to recode the vast majority of the game in scripts in order to gain experience with networking a scripted system, and to ensure the game can survive long after we can afford to continue working on it.

    This means that there will be none of these legacy bugs will carry over to the final full version of KAG, and that any new or persisting bugs will be visible and able to be modded away or at least brought to our attention. Its been amazing seeing what modders can do with the current config-file based interface, we're excited to see what happens once we throw a scripting interface with a large collection of examples at you!

    Obviously, doing things the right way comes at a cost. We are currently actually months past our initial deadline - while we've been able to get around that and have the freedom of the game being "done when it's done", it still feels like it's taking forever on our end, as well as on yours. Please don't feel that we're being lazy or that progress is not being made - Michal and I have been working furiously long hours (minimum 8, usually 10-16 hours each) every day for the last few months, suffering and working through burnout and illness (and in my case, the end of semester and exams at the same time). We want to see this done even more than you guys do, and we want to see it done right. Bear with us while we do that ;)

  2. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    As always, it'll be a while before the build actually hits you guys, here's a nice picture of the build server's view of progress:


    Whenever each of the nodes complete, a different platform will be able to patch. All of them should be done in 20 min or so.
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  3. laurentiu

    laurentiu Horde Gibber

    We ain`t going nowhere.

    We are here to stay and assist you in making a great game that already is.
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  4. 10-16 hours everyday?! good work!:thumbs_up:So close till finishing.
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  5. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    No kidding x_x alongside university for me as well.
    Glad to hear it :)
  6. ImAwesome

    ImAwesome Base Burner

    Geti, why don't you use the attach system?! You get a warning!
    Jks, great work on the build, and
    yes, this.
  7. Masery

    Masery is actually Maroon Donator

    The real problem here is,

    hats pl0x
  8. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

    FOR ANYONE NOT PATCHING, GRAB A NEW KAG.EXE FROM HERE: http://update.kag2d.com/0/win32-client-release/KAG.exe
    Ideally tell anyone ingame still using the old version to visit the forums or re-install :/ It was a massive oversight that was caught in the first few hours, but naturally that's the time that everyone patches in.
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  9. Apparently servers might also need new kagdedi's?
  10. Geti

    Geti If you need something, PM FBB or Rayne KAG Team

  11. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu

    Yeah, cuz I see two servers up atm.
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  12. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells Forum Moderator
    1. House Nodin

    Thank you for the update Geti. The entire team's work is commendable, thank you very much for putting this much of work and effort into your game. It's clear that this game is precious and you want it to be just as precious to us, consumers.

    You make me envious of your ability to dedicate yourself to a project for so long and so wholeheartedly.
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  13. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty Hillbilly Forum Moderator

    And this is why I love Geti even if I dont play or am around as much anymore.

    Ignore the Brandon part, too lazy to make a new one.
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  14. Quimbo

    Quimbo Shark Slayer

  15. Madman217

    Madman217 Shopkeep Stealer

    Seen that bug before, it's a bomb glowing green that keeps fizzing like it's going to go off at any second. :confused:

    Anyway can't wait for the new release.
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  16. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    DaFuQ? Is it only beo´s or... others too? I jumped from a tower that reaches the sky... lost no lives... tryed again, lost one life, tryed again... lost no lives... I´m not the only one who noticed that :huh?: :p
  17. LucasTT

    LucasTT Base Burner
    1. xCubes - xCUBE

    That build has just fucked up my game :(
    I unstalled it,downloaded again,reinstalled,when I run it,it doesn't update,just open and crash.

    Can someone help me? ://
  18. FranticIch

    FranticIch Let me be your tank... Donator
    1. FW´s Servers!

    Erm, sounds like you made something wrong... Just download this and place it in the C/KAG folder...http://update.kag2d.com/0/win32-client-release/KAG.exe
  19. Frantic, I made some tests too. Falling from highest possible point in map takes away 1 heart or 0. From what I noticed, it happens only on Beo's WAR server.
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